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“Malibu Nights” Session – Out Now!

Malibu Nights on piano.

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“Needed” Out Now + New Spirit EP

“Needed” is a song about something greater than wanting someone in your life, or to be wanted, or liked or loved. It’s about that deeper yearning to be needed by someone you love, to feel that sense of purpose. It’s here today, and included on the new piano project Spirit out next Friday. https://found.ee/Rhye_Needed

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Blood Remixed LP Pre-Order

The Blood Remixed album is finally making its way to vinyl. 2x glow in the dark LPs to be specific. It’s available for pre-order now in all its glowing glory. found.ee/rhye_BloodLPD2C  

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Rhye Live at Massey Hall

It’s hard to believe today is already the one year anniversary of our show at Toronto’s Massey Hall. It was a very special night, and now you can relive it as part of Live at Massey Hall. www.liveatmasseyhall.com/rhye

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Blood Remixed (Part 1) Out Now

Here’s a few of our favorite remixes from our recent album Blood.

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Rhye at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Here’s a few songs from Blood in an empty terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport with Arte. “Waste” “Song for You” “Taste”

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